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Wednesday, May 22, 2013 2:51 PM

The Most Misunderstood Word in the Bible

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 2:51 PM
Wednesday, May 22, 2013 2:51 PM

Repentance is perhaps the most misunderstood and maligned word in the Bible. It might bring to mind “fire and brimstone” sermons that warn of hell to those who don’t repent, or a feeling of sadness or sorrow over sin, something we must do to avoid hell. However, what appears to be a word that evokes negative feelings is really the word that brings to us the most freedom. Eugene Peterson beautifully captures the meaning of this wonderful word when he writes:

Repentance is not an emotion. It is not feeling sorry for your sins. It is a decision. It is deciding that you have been wrong in supposing that you could manage your own life and be your own god; it is deciding that you were wrong in thinking you had, or could get, the strength, education and training to make it on your own. It is deciding that you have been told a pack of lies about yourself and your neighbors and your world. And it is deciding that God in Jesus Christ is telling you the truth. Repentance is a realization what God wants from you and what you want from God are not going to be achieved by doing the same old things, thinking the same old thoughts. Repentance is a decision to follow Jesus Christ and become his pilgrim in the path of peace. Repentance is the most practical of all the words and the most practical of all acts. It is a feet-on-the-ground kind of word.

In addition, repentance isn’t a one-time action. Instead, it’s an ongoing disposition of our will to always rely on God, to believe that what he says is true and trustworthy, and to live in his freedom (Galatians 5:1). Repentance is the doorway to life in God, and it’s something we must do. While God offers forgiveness to us when we repent, he will not ask repentance for us. It’s our requirement for entering and living daily in his kingdom.


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