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Rotate is the connect group for young adults. We meet one Sunday evening each month. Our group meets at different houses (or "Rotates") so locations vary.  By the way, we know that many young adults have children...the kiddos are always welcome! No babysitters needed! :)

Led by Elmer and Ashley Sims

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Led by Mike and Barbara Roberson

Meetings: 4th Sunday of every month


Unity is a connect group that reaches out to families in the exciting season of their lives when they have youth age (grades 6-12) children in their homes! Unity desires to see youth and their parents/guardians grow closer together as a family unit.
Unity will be at Josh and Christi Setser's home from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Come enjoy game time, food, fellowship, and spiritual growth TOGETHER!

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Bull Session

Connect group for men of all ages to meet, eat, and talk.

Led by Pastor Mike Burns

Meetings: 4th Saturday of every month at Down Home Café at 8:00 am